Angela Juliano ·
Since plugging into this community I've learned more than I would have ever thought possible and earned more than I truly believed possible in the beginning. Coming from a place where I was broke and struggling, I had a lot to overcome. The mentors like Julian, Eric and Mathieu and the community of entrepreneurs here helped to motivate, inspire, and empower me to be the person I am today and I am so incredibly grateful. Earning more in one month than I used to make in two YEARS... I have no complaints, no regrets... nothing but GRATITUDE and A Happy Pocket Full Of Money Thank you GAZ!!!!!! So much love... Angela
Eric Zhivalyuk ·
My experience working with the GAZ community has been amazing. I have finally been able to cut down my intense work schedule, and get the time freedom that I've been looking for. I was to completely replace my full time income by 2x as a web developer! Love the leadership in this community! You guys are incredible!
Eric Carlson ·
After implementing the GAZ System, everything changed! I struggled for over 10 years in the online industry failing over and over again!
Since starting with the GAZ system, I have generted over $135,000 of income in just 5 months!
My biggest month was $55,640... WOW How life has changed!
So grateful for the GAZ leadership, family and systems! GAZ truely helps the newest person generate and income online, and create a life by their own design!
Steve King ·
I feel very obligated to write this... In hopes it reaches someone who was just like me. You see, I saw Julian and the webinar and my mind was blown but at the same time sad. I thought "wow, great idea, just not for me."
I was 45 years old not tech savy, hell I didn't even own a computer. I just thought I didn't have the skills or anything that might be required. As I woke up the next day, I just kept thinking "what if? Why not me?" I decided to take a chance and sechulded a advisor call with Julian. Once I talked to Julian and he laid out a time table for me and what to expect, with no BS. I knew I made the right decision.
After making $7,000 my first month... My wife knew I made the right decision.
Seven months later when I made over $45,000 off of a new offer, my friends knew I made the right decision.
As I write this right now I look back and know I made the right decision and a friend for life...
After reading this there is no decision...
Just Do It!
Devin Alexander ·
This Community has changed my life forever. Not only is everyone so supportive and helpful, but what I was taught opened my eyes up to what is truly possible in this world. When you have a vision, something that works, and a team of people to count on, lifes blessings come at you in so many ways. I am so grateful to work hand in hand with the leaders and new members that come in to our Community. What we have is truly special, and getting involved was one of the best decisions I ever made. With no prior experience, I have been able to plug in, learn a new skill, and generate an income online, while teaching others to do the same. If your tired of the 9-5 grind, and if you know that your time is more valuable than a pre-determined hourly wage, join NOW. Not tomorrow. Not next week, NOW. I just want to take a moment to thank everyone in GAZ. What a blessing to have you all. Cheers.
Tarelle Hauser ·
This community has done so much for me not just physically but mentally and spiritally as well. Big shoutout to everyone that has made this possible for the average person to come on and acheive greatness! One Love!
Joe Vines ·
I've been here for 5 weeks and have blazed through starting my business. I love this community and what it has done for me. With 5000 people in this community ready to help you there is no way I was accepting failure. No excuses.So Awesome guys . I love each and everyone of you.
Jesse J Garnier ·
This opportunity has changed my life forever... I went from a pretty decent living financially in the oil and gas industry in Alberta Canada, but my time freedom sucked, i was away from home sometimes up to a month at a time, and it wasn't until I had a son of my own that I realized that this is not going to be my life!! I was tired of watching my son grow up from pictures and videos that my wife would send me. Then the industry crashed and so many of us Albertans were struggling to get by, I was fortunate enough to have a job still, but I took a huge hit financially... I started thinking... ... See More
Colby Vossler ·
After implementing this amazing system my life literally did a 180. I first started working no myself, building up a more clear self image. Once I did that, everything started to fall into place. Thank you, thank you, thank you Steve King for getting involved with this awesome group of people. I still would have been working for money if I didn’t find this system on my news feed.
Sean Malone ·

We have been BLOWN away at this opportunity. We are super grateful for this opportunity and the leaders...

As you are read every word in this comment, know that my wife and I, "The Original Power Couple!", joined this community 5 months ago and within 45 days, I was able to leave my financial services job (where I helped people with their investments and retirement planning).

Within 95 days, my wife, Melissa, left her dental office managment position for good.

...and now we have a business that is making us money EVEN WHILE WE SLEEP... Imagine
... See More
Ginette Gratton ·
Works at Self-Employed
This has been an amazing Journey so far! Already 15 months in as of October 2016... I am blown away by the successes I've had, by the changes I've made in my life, and by the foundation that I'm building to be able to create my own lifestyle for the rest of my life!
Draper Genoway ·
Easily the smartest decision of my life!! Sooo thankful for this system and the insane support from the GAZ family!!